Following are lists of some of our projects:


1. Sultanah Aminah Hospital, JB

  • Refurbishment / upgrading
  • Laying of LV / HV cables to sewerage main board and other building blocks
  • HV cables (11KV) beteween sub-stations
  • LV cables for compound lightings
  • Supplied and planted galvanised 45 foot lamp poles complete with lanterns - and energised.
  • Cable jointing - HV and LV
  • Calibration of equipments
  • Cable fault findings (under ground)

2. UAB Bank (now known as CIMB) - KLCC (Twin Towers),KL

  • Complete wiring system including change-over contactors for generator supply of KLCC

3. UAB Bank (now known as CIMB) - Seremban

  • Face lift (interior) and up-grading job - comprising Electrical wiring works.
  • Complete re-wiring of ground floor and 1st floor of the building.
  • Upgraded the main power supply.
  • Power and light points wired in conduit / trunking.
  • Distributed power between the floors in accordance of the required load.

4. UAB Bank (now known as CIMB) - HQ (KL)

  • Complete rewiring of Money Market division
  • Provided Uninterupted Power Supply (UPS) complete with wiring for determined power sockets.
  • Provided essesntial power supply wiring to critical areas of power sockets to maintain international money monitoring links.

5. UAB Bank (now known as CIMB) - Bangi, Selangor

  • Re-wiring and upgrading work at the ground & 1st floor of ATM control unit of West Malaysia.

6. Bank Muamalat (now known as CIMB)

  • Wiring works for the Money Market Division (same as UAB-HQ)


1.Office Building - 2 nos. (4 storey), Wangsa Maju,KL

  • Complete re-wiring and upgrading of the office block. Provided essential power points backed-up by generator.

2.Shopping Plaza - Roshini Bazaar at Jln T.A.R, KL

  • 4 units of double storey shops with individual 3 phase meters complete with all wiring points in conduit / trunking.
  • 1 unit of 4 storey building complete wiring

3. Holy Rosary Church - Brickfields, KL

  • Re-wiring of all power points
  • Installed capacitor bank

OUTDOOR- Billoards

  1. Uni-pole at KL Toll Plaza (KL to Seremban), Sg. Besi,KL. 100 Amps power supply provide to light up the Neon signage.

  2. Roof-top signage at Kelana Brem Towers
    150 Amps power supply taken from Main Board at basement.

  3. Billboard at KL Central, KL

  4. Billboad at Jalan Bangsar , KL



1.Kajang Raya

  • Internal wiring for 50 home units

2. Village Electrification

  • 150 houses at 2 1/2 mile at Cheras Road, KL.
  • Provided services to apply for main power supply fom the Utility Board (TNB).
  • Overhead lines provided by TNB
  • All internal wiring for the houses was privided by us.


1. Saujana Impian, Cheras,Kuala Lumpur.

  • Complete wiring in concealed conduit for all power and light points
  • Garden and water features in armoured cables.

2. 3 storey bungalow, Taman Melawati, KL

  • Provided 150 Amps main power supply of TNB (local Utility Board)
  • Essential wiring system with generator back-up
  • Wiring of "Smart Home System".
  • Provided fibre optic lighting system
  • Installed capacitor bank to improve power factor.
  • Phone :
    - Standard phone lines, intercom & internet
    - Smart Phone System to control auto gates (open & close) installation of gadgets for wireless internet system.

3. 2 storey bungalow - Country Heights, Kajang, Selangor

  • 2 storey bungalows with 150 Amps C.T Metering main power supply.
  • Complete wiring in concealed conduit / trunking